Moisturizing DIY Bath Bomb Recipe


Bath bombs are, well… the bomb. They’re almost a guilty pleasure, a bit of a calming sensory experience packaged up in an attractive, sweet-smelling fizz ball. Recently, bath bombs have become a staple in our self-care regimen and a fun addition to the kid’s nighttime routine. They’re also a great tool for parents, a foolproof way to coerce (bribe) our smelly little nuggets to take that much-needed bath. As the overbearing, annoying, I-need-to-know-everything-that’s-in-this-product mom, I decided to create my own homemade, DIY bath bomb recipe. After several experimental batches and human test trials (my children), I nailed down the perfect recipe for moisturizing, fun bath bombs. These bath bombs make the perfect gift and a fun family activity where the kids can test their creativity (and your patience… they’re messy). Enjoy!



Make Your Homemade Bath Bomb Recipe


Large Mixing Bowl


Bath bomb molds (where to buy)


1 cup arrowroot powder (where to buy)

1 cup citric acid (where to buy)

1/2 cup baking soda (where to buy)

1/2 cup epsom salt (where to buy)

1/2 cup coconut oil (where to buy)


Optional Ingredients:

40 drops of essential oil

Dried flower petals (see “Tips” section)

Food coloring or natural coloring (see “Tips” section)


1. Mix all dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl

2. Melt coconut oil and slowly add the essential oils

3. Pour the coconut oil and essential oil mixture over the dry ingredients and stir. Add any desired food coloring, natural coloring or flower petals to the mixture

4. Firmly pack the mixture into the bath bomb molds and press together for 20 seconds

5. Carefully remove the bath bomb from the mold and let it sit to dry for 24 hours

6. After 24 hours, wrap the bath bomb in tissue or store in an air-tight container


Moisturizing DIY Bath Bomb Recipe

It’s perfectly okay to use food coloring or food coloring gel for your bath bombs, but I really love to play around with natural coloring. Here are some of my favorite natural ingredients for beautiful, vibrant coloring:


     – Blue butterfly pea powder (royal blue)

     – Beet root powder (fuchsia)

     – Elderberry powder (deep purple)

     – Black Himalayan sea salt (gray to black)



Add the plant powder or sea salt gradually until you achieve desired color. If the mixture seems too dry after adding plant powder or sea salt, add a little melted coconut oil (about 1-3 tsp).


If you’d like to add some dried flowers to your bath bomb, some of my favorites include lavender, rose, jasmine, red plum and lily. 



Note: These bath bombs will leave your tub a little slippery, so please be careful! I recommend using my Multi-purpose Cleaning Scrub to remove the excess oil from the tub. 

DIY Easy Moisturizing Bath Bomb Recipe

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